Snow Chains Spikes Spider Compact

The SPIKES-SPIDER COMPACT is the easiest snow chain in the world.

For passenger cars and vans up to mid size class

Tighter spaces between the tyres, suspension and wheel arches means that most conventional snow chains will not fit onto many modern vehicles. The SPIKES-SPIDER COMPACT solves this problem. Easily fitted to vehicles with the minimum of tyre/body clearances, in many cases it’s the only system that can fit. Furthermore all wear components are easily replaceable due to the unique construction of the SPIKES-SPIDER COMPACT.

The concept of the SPIKES-SPIDER COMPACT meets all requirements for snow chains worldwide and has proven a million fold already.

Continuous application of ever higher quality material as well as new designed spikes and synthetic „claws“ increases the grip for acceleration and braking on ice and snow.

The clou: The patented turn able system allows the COMPACT’S arms to adjust to many tyre sizes, whereby the COMPACT allows to cover all common tyre sizes. With 4 sizes available there’s a COMPACT for all common tyre sizes.

The clever “break-down” system allows the customer to dismantle and store the Spider within a small trunk.